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This photo was taken by the husband 😀 I loved it so much that I had to put it up. I did not enhance it in anyway…except sharpen it a little bit 😉



S and I visited Blenheim Palace with a couple of friends in 2008. What a beautiful place it is…especially the gardens. Heaven on Earth! I will recommend everyone to visit the place…atleast once.  Don’t bother buying a ticket to get into the palace itself, nothing much to see. Stick to the outdoors. It’s absolutely beautiful!


Venice - 1

Hubby and I spent a week in Italy. Venice from the Grand canal with the view of  Rialto Bridge at a distance


Precious Moments

One of the most memorable moment of my life…my wedding 🙂 Indian Weddings are one of the most colourful ceremonies you’ll get to witness. They vary across region, caste etc so that means people from different states have their own way of conduting the ceremony…which makes it even more interesting. I am not the one who likes to dress up much but I left no stone unturned for my wedding 😉 It was a wonderful occasion. The above picture is of my hands with mehndi. You don’t have to get married in order to decorate your hands with mehndi….you can apply it otherwise too 🙂

Psstt…Wise women say…the more red your mehndi is…the better husband you get 😀

Hidden – 2

Same picutre but in colour.


This picture was taken in Interlaken, Switzerland whilst on a short cruise.