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S and I visited Blenheim Palace with a couple of friends in 2008. What a beautiful place it is…especially the gardens. Heaven on Earth! I will recommend everyone to visit the place…atleast once.  Don’t bother buying a ticket to get into the palace itself, nothing much to see. Stick to the outdoors. It’s absolutely beautiful!



Not one of my best pictures….but I love the colours and the architecture…way in which the men and women have been sculpted. THis is the entrance to the Simhachalam temple.

Spiral Staircase

This is not a great shot but I put it up for the architecture. It took this picture way back in 2006 when I first started clicking. THis is the Spiral Staircase of Vatican Museum. The next time we go there, I’ll definately take a much better shot 🙂

Trevi Fountain

This photograph of the famous Trevi Fountain was taken way back in 2006. I could not get a complete shot of the fountain since the place was very crowded. Rome is one of our holiday spots…full of history and beautiful architecture.