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not ours though ­čśÇ


S and I visited Blenheim Palace with a couple of friends in 2008. What a beautiful place it is…especially the gardens. Heaven on Earth! I will recommend everyone to visit the place…atleast once. ┬áDon’t bother buying a ticket to get into the palace itself, nothing much to see. Stick to the outdoors. It’s absolutely beautiful!

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

Okay….before you jump into any conclusion..let me confess that this is not one of my best shots. One glance and you might think…why did she put this up. Let me tell you why. I think this photo is totally funny. We were visiting a temple when I saw this tractor fully loaded with hay. SO loaded…that you couldn’t see if there was any vehicle behind the┬áit. Even a poor man┬áriding a bicycle had to get off the road.┬áThe driver had stopped in the village and was wandering when a cow came along.┬áThe poor thing was soo hungry that it started chewing on some of the hay loaded onto the tractor. You can observe the cow to the right hand corner of the picture.